I finished re-watching Simoun for the 5th time. Of course, with all the eye-catches I was bombarded with, I had to do something. Some had already been vectored, so I focused only on those still available (quite a lot), and this is the result: not one, but two vectors! Done one after the other. Both are of Yun and Onashia, even if she doesn’t really appear in the first one, lol.

To tell the truth, I had already vectored the first one; it was in fact my very first vector ever. I knew next to nothing on how to do one, and obviously I started with the wrong foot, that is, I did the colored spot first and the outlines later. And those poor few lines were so horribly straight and of the same size that now I cringe inside watching it.

That was 3 years ago. I can confidently say that I’ve made some progress 😀

Edit: here are some fresh vectors, this time of Aaeru/Neviril and Limone/Dominura. I still have 3 left, but I won’t be doing them any time soon because, well, 4 vectors in a day are enough (to kill me) XD

For a millisecond I was tempted to replace the two cups in the last paper with a tissue box, but then I changed my mind and left it empty.