Random vector of the day: our (well, my) lovely assassin Kirika from Noir. It’s taken from a screenshot, so it’s nothing extravagant or complicated. Funny how my idea of a break from a difficult vector is to do an easier one, lol.

Yes, that’s it. Rather bland, I know. What made me do it was simply Kirika’s awesome expression; this shot came from episode 4, and the situation is this: the inseparable duo is at the airport stalking their target du jour; in comes the victim’s daughter, who cheerily (and quite loudly) waves him hello, and is lovingly thanked by a sound slap on the face. Shock abounds: the people surrounding them are silently horrified but keep going as if nothing happened, Mireille gasps astounded, and Kirika… nonchalantly drinks her water  XD You could almost hear the sucking sounds in all the silence. I love that scene.