Random vector of the day: our (well, my) lovely assassin Kirika from Noir. It’s taken from a screenshot, so it’s nothing extravagant or complicated. Funny how my idea of a break from a difficult vector is to do an easier one, lol.

Yes, that’s it. Rather bland, I know. What made me do it was simply Kirika’s awesome expression; this shot came from episode 4, and the situation is this: the inseparable duo is at the airport stalking their target du jour; in comes the victim’s daughter, who cheerily (and quite loudly) waves him hello, and is lovingly thanked by a sound slap on the face. Shock abounds: the people surrounding them are silently horrified but keep going as if nothing happened, Mireille gasps astounded, and Kirika… nonchalantly drinks her water  😄 You could almost hear the sucking sounds in all the silence. I love that scene.