I came across this series something like 10 years ago, thanks to a friend who lent me the manga. I started reading midway, since it was number 10, but, even not understanding what the heck was going on, I knew this was one manga I’d have liked in the long run. And boy was I right. After the (arduous) search for all the missing volumes, I was finally able to read it from the start. Thank God Togashi improved his drawings, because the first time the new characters appeared they were hideous; it got better from number 5 onwards. And by the time it came to an end, after a meager 19 volumes (by shonen standards it was awfully short, but I think it’s for the better), it became my favorite series. It has to be the only one where I’ve loved almost all the male protagonists instead of the female ones (not that the women shown here were that great… it’s one of its flaws. Only Mukuro saved herself). And it also has to be the series with the only male character I’ll ever love. And I mean, love. Kurama is awesome on so many levels, and I’m not even counting his Yoko form.

Well, I think I blabbed enough. Time for the wallpaper 😀 It’s a scan with Hiei, Kuwabara, Yusuke and Kurama in smoking hot. Aren’t they charming?

From what I’ve seen, the most wanted resolution is 1280×1024, but for this I just couldn’t do it justice with a small resolution, so, sorry. It was fun doing this one: 1 day for the outlines, 1 day for the simple vectoring of the characters, and 1 day for the background and shadings. Not so bad… but then again, it’s not like I have a lot to do these days.

I’m not so sure I want to keep using the “Anime” and “Wallpaper” tag… they’re practically becoming an entity of their own and eating away space from the other tags, lol.