I didn’t do much these days, vector wise. The one I started the last time is still to be finished, and I hope it won’t go in my ever increasing list of unfinished works. I blame Angel – the TV series, I mean. I had the unhealthy idea of re-watching it, so now I’m at season 2 and enjoying every second of it. That means that any wallpaper I might have wanted to start is now put on hold. Still, today I finally picked up again a work I started on the 25th of september, and was able to finish it with somewhat acceptable results.

Another cleaned scan. That’s all I’m doing, isn’t it? The most difficult part to do was cleaning the background, particularly the “thing” the dog is standing on. My smudge friend was a great help as usual, though for some moments there I was almost creating an Escher-like structure.  The trees didn’t come out too well, unfortunately.