After a lengthy pause, I come back with another Kobato wallpaper. What can I say, the art is just too beautiful to leave it covered by all those writings. The only thing I would have really done without is the looong hair, but unfortunately it’s a given with Clamp characters. In certain instances I had to zoom out to 60% to be able to do a decent curve, and I usually work at 200% – that’s to say that they were extremely long.

This was, along with the first Kobato wallpaper I posted, one of the first two Kobato art I’d seen, but I decided to vector the other one since I didn’t like this much. Not only that, I also thought that I would never do it since once was enough. And this is the outcome of my not wanting to do it 😛

edit 14 november: I just went on Shuu-shuu, and what did I find? The complete version of exactly this scan 😦 Man, had it been posted sooner I might have done the whole thing, but now it’s too late, damn it. I can still try the other two I still have to do, though, since they’re not exactly “better quality”…