This time it’s not Kobato, strangely enough 😛 I’ve put it on hold and now shine the light on a Mai HiME and Mai Otome wallpaper – although, now that I think about it, this could simply be Mai Otome… damn. Oh well, almost all the characters are in both series, so it should be all right. As for its theme, it’s definitely wrong for my hemisphere, but usually the weather in this sort of pictures isn’t the first thing users focus on… 😛

The vectoring part was easy, since their “clothes” (ah ah) occupied only one third of their bodies. The hard part was, of course, the background, and for that I put to use my new Wacom tablet Bamboo One, which at first left me a little unimpressed, but then revealed itself to be a great asset when it came to coloring. I’m still practicing with it though, so the results in this image may be less than satisfying. And I had to cheat, because my hand was cramped beyond belief, so I cut down part of the trees and made it all sky.