Today I come back with a wallpaper done out of a screenshot (not the best source there is, but this is one I’ve wanted to do for a while). This is a scene that has always struck me as beautiful and clearly telling of the relationship between Natsuki and Shizuru. The one they’re at is a very important place for Natsuki, both haunting and peaceful, and one she usually goes to when she wants to be alone or to think. The fact that she brought Shizuru there with her shows the trust she feels towards her, and how comfortable she is in her presence. Plus, I love that they had to go there by bike – lots of hugging time 😉

As usual, I vectored the figures and repainted the background – though I admit to being unable to do the bike as it should have been, instead putting together a couple of quick brushes and trying to shade it as best as I could. Which is not much, I’m afraid. So, yeah, I’m not really fond of how that came out, but thankfully it’s not the main subject.

Oh, before I forget: it’s my birthday today 😀