The sleeping beauties make another appearance – it seems all they do is sleep lol. Their activities must tire them a lot 😉 I’m slowly starting to vector again, but it’ll be a while before I go back to my usual rhythms, mostly because anime still don’t capture me much at the moment and I don’t find the inspiration to start something. Hence my preference for the oldies.

Game-wise, I discovered that addicting thing that is Harvest Moon. Not only the original for the SNES, but also HM: Rune Factory for the Nintendo DS. Boy, did I spend days on that! The second series, unfortunately, is not capturing me as much as the first.

I tried something different here: instead of the outlines being completely black, I used a lighter shade. I’m not really sure why; maybe I wanted to soften them because of the calm atmosphere. Fact is, I didn’t want them black.